Wooden flooring
From small parquet to long floor boards

Long boards

Boards up to 6 meters long and 300 mm wide are manufactured in such a way that they are fully compatible with the rest of the production. They are easy to install, with perfect geometry and made from high quality high dimensional raw materials.

Wide boards

The boards of 4.5mm oak top layer and 12mm water resistant birch plywood are produced in widths from 210mm to 300mm. There are 6 different grades for customer selection. The plywood under layer design gives the board a extra flexibility. Structural advantages are appreciated by parquet professionals in many countries.

Object boards

The boards with oak top layer 3.2mm and 9mm water resistant birch plywood are made in widths from 130mm till 210mm. There are 6 different grades for customer selection. This product is characterized by a favorable price / value ratio. It has a high density - 700kg / m3.  It Therefor it is a good for heat transfer and ideal for warm floors.

Solid boards

Pure oak wood material. Solid oak wood boards with a thickness of 15mm and a width of 100mm to 160mm. These boards are manufactured in random lengths and sorted in 5 grades. Value who does not require comments. No compromise on environmental friendliness.

Chevron parquet

Chevron, also in some country's known as Hungarian Point, is a zigzag pattern that comes to a sharp point. There are flexible decision by costumers with material to use for chevron manufacturing - solid or two layer and how sharp should the angle be made. Length of chevron parquet can be till 3 meter and width till 300mm.

Herringbone parquet

A most common parquet pattern often confused with chevron. The difference is a rectangle cut and installed in a broken zigzag pattern. Any floor board produced by Stalgen can be made as a herringbone parquet. Most common for herringbone is use of materials till 180mm width and lengths till 1500mm.

Mosaic parquet

The most difficult type of parquet laying. Raw planed parquet with a width of 68mm and a thickness of 16mm is usually used to make various patterns. Surface finishing is usually carried out after installing. For mosaic parquet parquet blocks are only colors in the artist's hands. The skill of a parquet installer will completely determine the final look of the floor.